Long suffering tech veteran, residing in northern Vermont USA.

I am a child of the 1970s personal computer revolution. I started building electronics and programming computers with my father when I was very young. I haven’t stopped since.

I am primarily drawn to things that have a certain type of dark intensity. (For example: I love horror movies. I love punk rock. And hardcore. And early industrial music, goth, metal, dark ambient and power electronics. And obtuse experimental art films. The list goes on.)

This resonance with dark, intense things has manifest in a trail of my own strange hybridized artistic pursuits which include:

  • Building art installations for gallery spaces
  • Noise/industrial music creation and performance
  • Improvisational video DJing
  • Modular synth building
  • Community radio, college radio, and club DJing
  • Performance art
  • Event coordination
  • Writing and publishing

The path stringing these together is less random than it seems, though there is much madness in the method. What I do is not for everyone. I try not to be another “punk rock saved my life” cliche, but yes, yes it did, for better or worse, and I try to pay that forward.

I’ve been in a number of bands and have had many project names and pseudonyms, including, but not limited to:

  • state vector collapse
  • the semiliminal research group
  • dj/vj semantichrist
  • vj svc
  • rising!man!incinerator
  • endless recursion
  • recursive occlusion
  • }hexdump{
  • da’ath
  • the retinal exploitation cooperative
  • recreational demonologists
  • soulburn rapid oxidation technologies
  • chief disinformation officer

Very few people are lucky enough to live off of their art, so to survive, I oscillate between multiple types of consulting work: some straightforward DevOps and embedded software development, some teaching for local universities and makerspaces, and some building of customized electronics (usually for regional local artists.)

I attempt to avoid unnecessary monetization of my hobbies; not everything has to be a side hustle. I’ve seen countless subcultures colonized and destroyed by the pursuit of capitalization, and have become very protective of my projects and fellow artists as a result.

Whereas I generally keep to myself, I’m pretty vocal about some things: I am pro self-expression, pro diversity, pro 2SLGBTQIA+, pro direct action, and pro DIY. I try to treat people with respect, help the marginalized, and work against unnecessary structures of dominance and control where I can. That’s not always easy, and I am not perfect. But I try to keep learning.

More than anything else, I endeavor to help weird people manifest weird things.

If you think that I can be of help in your project, or you would like to discuss possible work/collaboration, please get in touch.